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I would like to re­move my ex­haust bolts but they’ve been on there for eight years and look so crud­ded-up that I am afraid I’ll snap off the studs in­stead. Nan­drolone Fodor, email

An­swered by Scott Bul­lett, Doble Mo­tor­cy­cles The keys are pa­tience and heat. Get a wire brush and re­move as much loose cor­ro­sion as you can. Then over a few days re­peat­edly brush the studs and nuts with Bon­ny­mans Rust Off. Don’t ride it dur­ing this process.

Next, get a small punch and a tof­fee ham­mer and tap away at the nut faces over a few days, to shock the threads.

Now it’s time for heat. We use oxy­acety­lene and get them red hot, but a hot-air gun and warmed up en­gine will do. Get a short-han­dled socket so you don’t put too much lever­age through it, and gen­tly move the nuts back and forth. Of­ten the studs will come out with the nuts, but if they do snap off, Honda studs are a 7mm thread, not 6mm so you need the cor­rect-sized ex­trac­tor. Good luck.

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