They’re brighter, but how do they ac­tu­ally work?

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‘White-light’ LEDS are ac­tu­ally at the ‘blue’ end of the light spec­trum and were in­vented by three Ja­panese physi­cists in the 1990s who went on to win the 2014 No­bel Prize in Physics for their work. Com­pared to fil­a­ment bulbs, LEDS don’t draw so much cur­rent, pro­duce many times more light, last longer and are smaller than con­ven­tional bulbs. In­dus­try stan­dard for life-cy­cle is 50,000 hours per LED, or six years’ con­tin­u­ous use, and a sin­gle 10W LED can throw out an 800-ft beam that is a lot more intense than stan­dard bulbs the closer you get to your bike.

Bolt-on LED kits can make an as­ton­ish­ing dif­fer­ence to vis­i­bil­ity

LEDS can pro­duce more intense, and longer, beams

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