‘I’d 100% rec­om­mend one as a used bike’

‘Noisy ex­haust pipes, air fil­ters and stuff like that are com­mon on these bikes’

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“The 2003 to 2004 Kawasaki ZX-6R has al­ways been a good bike for us but there are a cou­ple of things to look out for with them.

“The rear shocks are set quite hard, so they tend to not take the bumps of the road very well. As such, a good mod­i­fi­ca­tion would be to get a bet­ter shock, or to soften the preload – to help take the bumps bet­ter. You could also al­ter the com­pres­sion damp­ing a bit.

“These bikes also came with gold paint on the front and rear brake calipers. After heavy mileage, this paint tends to flake if you don’t look after them.

“The calipers are also prone to seiz­ing. There are four tiny pads in each caliper and they tend to stick if the brakes aren’t serviced prop­erly.

“There was a re­call on the ex­haust strap if I re­mem­ber rightly. I think the weld used to come off and break on the ex­haust end can and then it used to rat­tle or come loose. If it’s got a stan­dard can on it, you should check whether the weld is in good con­di­tion.

“We don’t get loads of them in, they are quite rare. How­ever, they have prob­a­bly one of the best en­gines to ever fea­ture in a ZX-6R. They used to wheelie on the power in first gear – I loved rid­ing them! “We have prob­a­bly seen maybe one or two ratty ones, but 90% of the ones we see are re­ally clean. With a bike like this, though, it is im­por­tant to make sure it hasn’t been a race or track bike in a pre­vi­ous life. “Check that the sump plug hasn’t been drilled, as well as the oil filler cap. Both could in­di­cate a history of track use. You should also look for blue discs, as well as sticky or chewed tyres. Rearsets may also give some in­di­ca­tion, but any­one can fit these.

“If it’s been raced, have a look and see if the un­leaded baf­fle is in the tank. Make sure it’s still there. If it’s not, then ob­vi­ously some­one’s had a bit of a play.

“Noisy ex­haust pipes, air fil­ters and stuff like that are com­mon on these bikes, and some fit Power Com­man­ders. No­body re­ally went to town on them, though; most just added bolt- ons. I don’t think they did full sys­tems back in the day, re­ally. It was of­ten just a can.

“Tail ti­dies are also quite com­mon and the stan­dard tail comes away quite eas­ily. They are also not very thirsty on oil and barely use a drop! I would 100% rec­om­mend this as a used bike!”

Check af­ter­mar­ket cans haven’t wrecked the fu­elling and in­spect the calipers

Phil Biggs Tech­ni­cian at Bournemouth Kawasaki

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