‘Your problem is the de­lay, as your rights di­min­ish with time’

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Given the time that passed be­tween the pur­chase and com­plaint, your op­tions are lim­ited. Un­der the Con­sumer Rights Act, all prod­ucts must be of sat­is­fac­tory qual­ity, fit for pur­pose and as de­scribed. The problem you have is the de­lay in bring­ing this to the seller’s at­ten­tion, as your rights di­min­ish with time. In the first 30 days you can de­mand a re­fund. Be­tween 30 days and six months you have the right to have the goods re­paired or re­placed. After six months things are com­pli­cated as it be­comes the buyer’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to show that the goods were faulty when bought.

The key to deal­ing with faulty goods is to act fast. Check any items you buy, in their in­tended en­vi­ron­ment, as soon as you buy them. If there is an is­sue, put com­plain in writ­ing. Ex­plain what the is­sue is, the out­come you want, quote the law (Con­sumer Rights Act 2015) and threaten le­gal ac­tion if re­quired. This tends to re­solve the com­plaint at the first time of ask­ing.

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