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Car/bike in­ter­face does not end well

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It was all go­ing so well. In my last re­port I said how af­ter around 5000 miles it had all come to­gether and I was re­ally gelling with the bike. Sum­mer was upon us and I was cruis­ing around with the mu­sic blar­ing and the wind in my beard.

Then one sunny evening I was rid­ing home down the A1 and pulled off to get some petrol. I stopped at a round­about and just as I was about to move off, I saw some­thing ap­proach­ing very quickly. The next thing I know, I was skit­ter­ing along the ground and the Har­ley was crash­ing onto the round­about.

The driver lept out and was pro­fusely apolo­getic but that still didn’t stop me won­der­ing – how the hell am I go­ing to get this 375kg be­he­moth up onto its wheels and off the round­about? Thank­fully it was sur­pris­ingly easy. Ly­ing as it was on the pan­nier and crash­bar, it was just a case of flick­ing the stand out and lev­er­ing it over the top of it­self but in do­ing so, the dam­age was im­me­di­ately ap­par­ent.

The force of the im­pact had smashed in the rear light clus­ter and bro­ken the mud­guard. The left ex­haust and pan­nier were bent and had taken the sub­frame with them. The right pan­nier was dented and scratched where it had gone down the road, along with the foot­boards, crash­bar, ex­haust and bat wing. A few bik­ers passed as all this was go­ing on and each one stopped to of­fer help, which went a long way to rais­ing my dented spir­its.

For now it’s back with Har­leyDavid­son, while the dam­age is as­sessed but it’s pos­si­ble that all those things will add up to the bike be­ing writ­ten off.

In the mean­time, and quite pos­si­bly per­ma­nently, I’ve bor­rowed a re­place­ment bike that is al­most iden­ti­cal, ex­cept it’s blue. So, the plan re­mains pretty much the same and we’ll be head­ing to the Thun­der in the Glens in Scot­land later this month.

‘The force of the im­pact smashed the mu­guard, lights and bent the pipe’

It’s not hard to get the Har­ley’s pan­niers down, but a rider is usu­ally re­quired

His first knee­down pic came next


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