Fake claims are costly

Some bikes may sound too good to be true. That’s of­ten be­cause they are

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I re­cently warned against over­priced bikes with mis­lead­ing de­scrip­tions. Sure enough, the fol­low­ing day my eyes fell on an on­line auc­tion for a Honda CB750KZ - the first DOHC model.

Bid­ding was al­ready over five grand, thanks to a glow­ing de­scrip­tion that re­ferred po­ten­tial buyers to the fact that SOHC Honda CB750S were now fetch­ing up to £25k (which they are in some cases).

It also claimed that this was the last air-cooled Honda 750 and that the DOHC bikes were ‘orig­i­nally only sold in the USA, but a few were sold in Europe.’ This sim­ply isn’t true. It was launched in Europe, as well as in the US.

Fact: the KZ model was with­drawn very fast. It suf­fered from a few me­chan­i­cal is­sues but chiefly, it was an over­weight, ill-han­dling pig. Honda re­vamped it into the CB750F and that was much more like it. It also wasn’t the ‘very last of the Honda air-cooled bikes’, as the CBX750 and the Nighthawk were sell­ing well into the 1990s.

To put this in per­spec­tive, an­other KZ, in sim­i­lar con­di­tion (ex­cept for a Mar­shall 4-1 ex­haust and fit­ted with a Vet­ter wind­jam­mer fair­ing, which is quite de­sir­able on its own), sold for £1140. As I said be­fore, be­ware.

I’m not sure why, but the Tri­umph Day­tona 955i seems to be un­der­priced right now. I thought two grand for a 2007 model with 19,000 miles was a bar­gain... un­til I saw a 2002 model, with sim­i­lar mileage and a brand new fuel pump fit­ted, make just £1400.

The col­lectable Day­tona, is the Cos­worth-tuned 900, of which they made just 150. A 41,000-miler re­cently made £2650 and came with loads of spares. This would be my choice as su­perb ones are mak­ing much more, mean­ing de­cent ones will get pulled up in their wake. NEXT WEEK What time of the year is best to buy a used bike?

Now is the time to buy a Tri­umph Day­tona 955i

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