Richa Orig­i­nal Cor­dura Jeans £149.99

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Tested by Tim Thomp­son Time tested Four months What’s good? Ar­moured and abra­sion re­sis­tant jeans are still a nov­elty to 1964 me, so I par­tic­u­larly like the way th­ese Cor­dura re­in­forced Richas try to be­have and look like nor­mal trousers. The adjustable knee and hip D30 ar­mour is un­ob­tru­sive and the fit, thanks to long and short leg size op­tions, is ex­cel­lent, while the cut is straight but with room to move about on the bike. They’re well put to­gether and are fairly light too. What’s not? Noth­ing spe­cific to th­ese, just a con­cern that rid­ing jeans, even those bear­ing CE cer­ti­fied ar­mour, prom­ise more than they can de­liver. I know this sounds daft but I don’t do proper rid­ing in any of them. Con­tact­ Qual­ity +++ ++ Value +++ ++

Richa rid­ing jeans aren’t too heavy

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