Ser­vic­ing and set­ting

Get your bike’s steer­ing spot-on by fol­low­ing th­ese nine sim­ple steps

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your head bear­ings

1Assess­ing play by pulling push­ing

The first thing to do is make sure the front wheel is safely raised. There should be no weight on the front wheel or steer­ing. The wheel can be raised by us­ing the bike’s cen­tre­stand, or care­fully us­ing a jack. Hold the forks at the bot­tom of each side with the steer­ing straight and pull the wheel to­wards you, and push in the op­po­site direction. Any move­ment will be head­race wear.

2Check bar move­ment

The sec­ond part of check­ing the bear­ings starts with the wheel in the air again. This time turn the han­dle­bars from full left to full right lock. There should be zero bind­ing or tight­ness; ide­ally you’ll feel a smooth ac­tion from left to right with the bars maybe fall­ing from side to side once they pass the cen­tre, but there should not be any ‘notch­i­ness’.

3Quick way to lose weight

Tak­ing the front wheel out isn’t ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary, but it does take a lot of the weight off the steer­ing head assem­bly. It is also a good idea to re-check the move­ment of the steer­ing with the front wheel out, as the ac­tion of the bear­ings can some­times be masked by the weight or in­er­tia of the front wheel.

Head rac­ers

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