‘A classy evo­lu­tion’

HJC R-PHA 11 hel­met £319.99 (plain colour)

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Tester Tim Thomp­son

Time tested Three months/3000 miles

What’s good? I loved the smooth fit and aero sta­bil­ity of the R-PHA 10 sports lid, and this is more of the same, only bet­ter. It feels like a classy evo­lu­tion. The 11 also gets wel­come ex­tra vent­ing in the fore­head and vastly im­proved top vent con­trol wheels, which are now rub­berised and less fid­dly. The cheek pads have emer­gency quick re­lease and the com­fort lin­ing is plusher and runs cooler. Best of all, the aper­ture has been en­larged. The view is now all road and al­most zero hel­met. This R-PHA 11 has been flaw­lessly painted by hel­met artists Rich-art Con­cepts (price: £550) to a de­sign by MCN’S tal­ented Se­nior De­signer Lee Laughton (bot­tle of wine).

What’s not? The shell is larger than the 10’s, mean­ing, an­noy­ingly, my old vi­sors don’t fit, and de­spite the ex­tra meat on the lid it still scores poorly in the SHARP side-im­pact test.

Con­tact www.ox­ford­prod­ucts.com, www.richart­con­cepts.com Qual­ity ++++ + Value ++++ +

Spada Bliz­zard 2 WP gloves £34.99

Tester Andy Cal­ton Time tested Three months/2000 miles What’s good? A glove for un­der £35 that claims to be wa­ter­proof and ac­tu­ally is! I started us­ing these as a back-up pair for my pre­ferred, thin­ner sum­mer gloves and they have been called into use many times as the Bri­tish weather does its thing! They are a great half­way house be­tween full-on, fat win­ter gloves and sum­mer gear. They are warm and the vi­sor wipe works well. I read a few re­views about them com­ing up a bit big, so went for medium and they fit well. They were a lit­tle snug to be­gin with, but they have given a bit and I’m glad I went for a size down from my usual choice. I’ve only re­ally worn them this sum­mer so they have not had to keep me toastie on cold days, but so far I re­ally can’t com­plain. What’s not? They pack away small, but I would worry that pro­tec­tion is lim­ited as there is only ‘soft’ ar­mour and I’d also be con­cerned about us­ing these for any length of the time when the tem­per­a­tures drop to­wards freez­ing. They can also get a bit sticky to get on and off in the wet. They only come in black, but for the money, there’s a lot to like.

Con­tact www.spada­cloth­ing.co.uk Qual­ity ++++ + Value +++++

Ox­ford Aquad X3 Pack­ing Cubes £24.99

Tester Ali­son Sil­cox Time tested Two months/2000 miles What’s good? I’d not re­alised how cum­ber­some my top­box would be to carry once off the bike. Be­ing able to pack my gear in these bags and lift them from the top­box on ar­rival at my des­ti­na­tion, leav­ing the box on the bike, makes life much eas­ier. These colour­ful bags come in three handy sizes (five, seven and 12 litres) and they’re un­struc­tured, which makes them easy to pack and very squash­able. They’d also be great to use in soft pan­niers or a tank/tail­pack. They have a roll top and clip clo­sure, which, pro­vided its closed prop­erly, keeps them wa­ter­proof. What’s not? The plug on my phone charger has worn small holes in one of the bags so it’s no longer wa­ter­proof. Con­tact www.ox­ford­prod­ucts.com Qual­ity ++++ + Value ++++ +

Tim’s paintjob was de­signed by MCN’S Lee Laughton and ex­e­cuted by Rich-art Good vis­i­bil­ity thanks to wider aper­ture Big­ger sizes means old vi­sors don’t fit

Sta­ble at speeds and the aper­ture of­fers an ex­cel­lent view ahead

No hard ar­mour, but they beat the UK weather

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