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Fuel 18 litres @ 38mpg = 155miles Weight 168kg (claimed) Seat 815mm Power 149bhp Torque 78ftlb THE RIDER Ped Baker En­joys tin­ker­ing nearly as much as rid­ing Height 6ft 4in Weight 95kg I’ve been hav­ing han­dling is­sues with the Blade and, be­fore I went on a track­day, I’d no­ticed that un­der light brak­ing I could feel a slight knock­ing through the bars as I pulsed the brake lever – a sure sign of loose head bear­ings. Nip­ping them up was a fairly easy job, but as I was fil­ter­ing through traf­fic on the way home, the steer­ing felt heavy and the bike re­luc­tant to change di­rec­tion at slow speed. Maybe I had over tweaked the bear­ings?

Back in the work­shop, I backed off the ad­juster nut, but af­ter a test ride I con­cluded the steer­ing still wasn’t right. It turns out my 15-year-old gauge was un­der-read­ing by 4psi, so I had soft tyres, but I think my head bear­ings may be worn too. Work­shop this week­end…

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