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So there I was rid­ing to the Mo­togp in Aus­tria not on the high­way but on smaller roads. Great scenery and a pleas­ant morn­ing ride. Then, while rid­ing through a vil­lage, disaster struck when I saw that the po­lice had a speed trap and I was pulled over. As I was rid-

ing an Ital­ian reg­is­tered ve­hi­cle, the po­lice­man asked me, in Ital­ian, for my li­cence. He was sur­prised when he saw my UK li­cence and then pro­ceeded to talk to me in English! He ad­vised me that I had been do­ing 70kph in a 50kph zone but as it was early morn­ing and the roads were clear it “was not so bad”. He then asked me if I would pre­fer “the big or the small fine?” I opted , un­sur­pris­ingly, for the small fine and paid €20 on the spot and was given the for­mal re­ceipt. He then wished us a great day at the GP. Far from ru­in­ing the day it en­hanced it - what a de­cent at­ti­tude and a ma­ture way of deal­ing with this mat­ter. Si­mon Mor­ris, email

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