Tacita re­veal rad­i­cal elec­tric cruiser con­cept

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Cruis­ers are large, thun­der­ous brash things – they’re not smooth and silent, so you might not think of them as primed to lead the elec­tric revo­lu­tion, but that hasn’t stopped Tac­tica re­leas­ing the T-cruise con­cept: an all-black cruiser that’s com­pletely green.

Tacita are based in Italy, they’re the brain­child of for­mer rally racer Pier­paolo Rigo and un­til now they’ve con­cen­trated on off-road bikes (plus a su­per­moto). Un­like many ri­vals, Tacita weren’t happy with the mo­tors avail­able off the shelf, so made their own and paired it to a five-speed gear­box for bet­ter con­trol.

We rode the T-race Rally in Morocco ear­lier this year and were im­pressed by the drive from the elec­tric mo­tor. In the T-cruise, the mo­tor puts out 30kw (40bhp) and 51ftlb of torque, but as­sum­ing the T-cruise rides the same as the Rally, the fig­ures don’t tell the full story. Be­cause of the way elec­tric power fig­ures are cal­cu­lated, dou­bling the printed power fig­ure gives a truer es­ti­ma­tion of how the bike will feel.

The mo­tor has two eas­ily switch­able maps, eco and sport, plus two modes, known as four-stroke and two-stroke, which al­low you to turn off the re­gen­er­a­tive en­gine brak­ing should you wish.

Zap­ping the com­pe­ti­tion

The range and weight of elec­tric bikes when com­pared to petrol equiv­a­lents put many off, but this needn’t be the case for the T-cruise. In fact, com­pared to a Har­ley 883 Iron, it stacks up well. The Iron has a range of 162 miles, the T-cruise has a range of 168, plus re­serve. The Iron pro­duces 50ftlb, the T-cruise 51. The Iron weighs 256kg, the T- Cruise 259. The Iron needs a ser­vice at 5000 miles, the bat­tery in the T-cruise is good for 336,000. The only way the Har­ley has it beat, is the re­fill time but the Tac­tica can be fastcharged in 40 min­utes. The only real stick­ing point is the price. Although noth­ing has been con­firmed for the T- Cruise, the cur­rent Tacita range starts from just over £20,000.

This cruiser is more sil­i­con chips than potato-potato

T-CRUISE FACTS O Range to re­serve 168 miles O Fast charge time 40 min­utes O Power 40bhp O Torque 51ftlb O Weight 259kg

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