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I have just watched Guin­toli win at Assen on ITV and have been get­ting wound up by the com­men­tary. Why, af­ter he has been rac­ing since 2000 - and he even won the WSB ti­tle in 2014, is it that the com­men­ta­tors can still not de­cide how to pro­nounce his name? Surely it is just good man­ners to try to say peo­ple’s names cor­rectly? For your in­for­ma­tion, the clos­est English ap­prox­i­ma­tion for Syl­vain is “Seal-van” and his sur­name is “Ganter-lee”, not Gwin-toe-lee or Gwin­terly, Gin­nterly or what­ever. Gar­rick Roberts, email

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