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Ad­ven­ture hero and star of C4’s Es­cape Lyn­don Poskitt cov­ers over 45,000 miles a year

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Q1 What are you rid­ing?

My Dakar bike is a KTM 450 Rally with a green and white fin­ish to match my spon­sors Mo­torex. It’s got the fac­tory sus­pen­sion, so other than the en­gine and ECU it’s pretty much a full fac­tory bike. My last 450 Rally was car­bu­ret­ted, so the cur­rent one feels a lot more pow­er­ful. Apart from the odd bolt that has rat­tled out, it’s been trou­ble free.

Q2 Which liv­ing mo­tor­cy­clist do you most ad­mire?

He’s no longer liv­ing, but I most ad­mired Fabrizio Meoni. I first got into ral­ly­ing by watch­ing Dakar when I was younger and Fabrizio was rac­ing the big KTM 950 through the desert. I al­ways wanted an Africa Twin, un­til I saw Meoni rid­ing the 950 and then I wanted the 950 be­cause he was such an in­spi­ra­tion.

Q3 What’s your worst habit?

When I’m rac­ing I drag the rear brake a lot. In the sand stage I went through half a set of brake pads.

Q4 If you could have one rid­ing su­per skill, what would it be?

Speed. I’m com­fort­able at the pace that I ride, know­ing that I’ll be safe. I can ride faster but I risk ev­ery­thing, so I’d like to be able to ride faster with­out risk­ing ev­ery­thing.

Q5 What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a bike?

I did over 200mph on my S1000RR at Sil­ver­stone and I ab­so­lutely s*** my­self, be­cause I nearly out­braked my­self. That was pretty much my last ex­pe­ri­ence on a road bike.

Q6 When were you last scared?

I don’t re­ally get scared. I crashed on day four of the Dakar and while I was in flight all I could think was: “Please don’t break any­thing.”

Q7 How many miles have you done in the last year?

A year ago to­day I was in New Zealand for Races to Places, so I’d say about 45,000 miles since then. Do I win? I don’t know any­one that’s done more.

Q8 What’s the high­est mileage you’ve cov­ered in one day?

1107 miles. When I lived in Texas I rode to the Grand Canyon to watch the sun­set but missed it by five min­utes!

Q9 What ir­ri­tates you most?

The whole gear thing – need­ing all the gear to ride. I get frus­trated when I’m rac­ing be­cause you need so much stuff. It’s not like a car where you can just jump in and go. It kind of ru­ins the mo­tor­cy­cling ex­pe­ri­ence.

Q10 You’ve got two weeks off: where are you go­ing?

Hawaii or Ice­land. They’re both places I’ve not been and you have to fly a bike in there, so it would be spe­cial to get to ride a bike around those places.

Q11 Got one pearl of wis­dom?

I would say just go for it. I’m not Sam Sun­der­land or Marc Coma – I’ve never been to a mo­tor­cy­cle train­ing school but I have done the Dakar twice. I’m just a nor­mal guy that had a job in en­gi­neer­ing, so I think if you’ve got a de­sire to do some­thing just do it and en­joy it.

Q12 Ever fallen off some­where em­bar­rass­ing?

I nearly had a bad one at the Dakar. When you come up to a toll booth in South Amer­ica, they have rows of yel­low bricks to keep you in your line. I tried to over­take a car com­ing out and for­got about the bricks. The front wheel skid­ded down the side, then the rear wheel, and I nearly bit it.

Q13 Do you have one in­dis­pens­able item of kit?

My Leather­man. I have one on ev­ery bike.

Q14 Which four peo­ple would you in­vite on a Sun­day blast?

I’d in­vite some of the peo­ple I’ve raced ral­lies with from all over the world. I’ve a friend in Ja­pan I raced in Mon­go­lia with for in­stance, so it would be great to get those guys to­gether.

Q15 Do you have a tool you couldn’t live with­out?

At home it would be my dig­i­tal torque wrench, I love that thing. At Dakar it would be my Mo­tion Pro T-han­dle span­ners. I’ve got about 10 of them.

Q16 Do you ad­just your sus­pen­sion?

I spend some time get­ting the spring rates right and the oil lev­els, but gen­er­ally I can’t feel the dif­fer­ence from the lit­tle clicker set­tings.

Q17 If you could have one old bike back, which would it be?

My Hus­aberg 650 Su­per­moto that I came 12th on in the Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship. That was a good look­ing bike.

Q18 What would you never buy?

My old Yamaha FZR600 be­cause it had a mis­fire that I couldn’t fix, so I just sold it. Never buy any­thing off me on ebay.

Q19 Which road (or track) would you build on your desert is­land?

The White Rim Trail in Utah. It’s the most breath-tak­ing scenery.

Q20 If you ruled the world, what new law would you pass?

I’d ban non­sense de­ci­sion-mak­ing by gov­ern­ments, so I’d make it a law that peo­ple have to use their com­mon­sense at all times.

‘If you’ve got a de­sire to do some­thing just do it and en­joy it’

38-year- o ld Ly ndon is a Dakar hero and global ad­ven­turer

2017 saw him sec­ond over­all in the Dakar’s un­sup­ported Malle Moto class

Catch Lyn­don on C4’s Es­cape on Sun­day nights

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