Alarm re­moved... at last!

Ped ex­tracts an un­wanted alarm from a mass of bike wiring

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ith last month’s han­dling is­sues sorted (as orig­i­nally sus­pected, I’d just nipped up the head bear­ings too tight) there was one more job I’d been itch­ing to do on the Blade, and that was to re­move the alarm.

I’ve noth­ing against alarms, ex­cept that no-one takes any notice of them, they usu­ally go wrong at the most in­con­ve­nient mo­ment and the beep­ing when arm­ing and dis­arm­ing is so loud and so high pitched it sends nextdoor’s dog up the wall. It had to come off.

I’ve re­moved alarms from used bikes be­fore and while the mass of wires can look daunt­ing, it’s a fairly sim­ple task.

Care­fully slic­ing back the in­su­la­tion tape from where the unit joins the bike’s wiring loom, I quickly found the two wires that car­ried power to the alarm – a per­ma­nent live feed and a switched live from the ig­ni­tion. These were both close to the bat­tery and show how the alarm’s wiring in­ter­rupts the cir­cuit.

Cut­ting back a sec­ond bun­dle of wires re­vealed a feed for the in­di­ca­tors, lights and two other wires. As with the power wires, you can usu­ally see where an alarm has been piggy-backed into the loom to make the in­di­ca­tors and lights flash but I couldn’t work out what the two rogue wires were for.

A suc­cess­ful web search for a work­shop man­ual wiring di­a­gram re­vealed that there had orig­i­nally been a blanked-off six-pin con­nec­tor in the loom. It was marked on the di­a­gram as OP, pre­sum­ably for Out­put.

As well as the in­di­ca­tors and lights, this plug also in­cluded an earth and a switched live, all of which were utilised by the per­son that fit­ted

the alarm. Mys­tery solved. I could now safely re­move the alarm from the bike, re­con­nect the nec­es­sary wires and iso­late the oth­ers, check­ing each step of the way with a me­ter and fi­nally con­nect up the bat­tery.

As much as I dis­like work­ing with bike electrics, such ‘eureka’ mo­ments are al­ways supremely sat­is­fy­ing and the bike is one step closer to be­ing re­turned to stan­dard.

Job done – the Blade is an­other step closer to be­ing stan­dard

Down­load­ing a di­a­gram from the web can help un­tan­gle the con­fu­sion It’s not al­ways com­pletely ob­vi­ous what the alarm fit­ter has done Take your time be­fore cut­ting any wires… First task with any wiring jobs is to dis­con­nect the bike’s bat­tery

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