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De­vel­oped with Showa, this new Kawasaki Elec­tronic Con­trol Sus­pen­sion (KECS) adds semi­ac­tive elec­tronic damp­ing to the SE’S ar­moury. The sys­tem adapts to road and rid­ing con­di­tions, pro­vid­ing the ideal amount of damp­ing, which is ad­justed elec­tron­i­cally to suit ve­hi­cle speed and sus­pen­sion stroke speed via a so­le­noid valve with di­rect ac­tu­a­tion. The re­ac­tion time is just one mil­lisec­ond – far quicker than sys­tems that rely on step-mo­tors, or those that use pi­lot valves.

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Riders can choose from three sus­pen­sion modes: Road, Track, and Man­ual

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