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‘It em­bod­ies what mo­tor­cy­cling is all about’ Name Nigel Robin­son Age 60 Bike BMW S1000XR R5K miles cov­ered this year 3675 “Last year I missed the 5K tar­get by about 20 miles as it poured down and the fi­nal ride of the year was can­celled. I was gut­ted! But I’m go­ing to make it this year. R5K is a bril­liant idea and em­bod­ies what bik­ing is all about; get­ting out there with a group of mates. The Face­book group means you can al­ways find some­one else up for a ride. It’s given me a rea­son to get out again, oth­er­wise I’d have been at home cut­ting the hedge.” ‘It’s a great place to learn new knowl­edge’ Name Chris Faulks Age 57 Bike Suzuki GSX-R1000 K7 R5K miles cov­ered this year 4536 “My Suzuki K7 is show­ing 96,000 miles so I’m not afraid to get out and ride it but the R5K cam­paign has added an­other di­men­sion. Ini­tially I joined just for a bit of fun, but it’s also a fan­tas­tic source of knowl­edge. If you’re in­ter­ested in ad­vanced rid­ing or want to know what kit works you can put a post up and find out. There’s so much knowl­edge in the group both new and ex­pe­ri­enced rid­ers can learn from.” ‘It gave me the in­cen­tive to ride’ Name Clive Saun­ders Age 60 Bike Tri­umph Sprint ST R5K miles cov­ered this year 5970 “In the past I used to do one big trip a year with a cou­ple of mates and that was about it and my mileage flat­ted out at just over 3000 miles. I’d hit a plateau. But R5K gave me the in­cen­tive to get out there and put some more miles on the bike by vis­it­ing BSB, Dirt Quake, any­where re­ally. I used to use the com­pany car to get to and from work, but now, thanks to R5K, I take my bike to work and it saves me 20 min­ues each way on my com­mute. So thanks to R5K I have gained an ex­tra 40 min­utes in my day!” ‘ It’s a great so­cial scene’ Name Mark Bay­ford Age 52 Bike Tri­umph Tiger 800 R5K miles cov­ered this year 4678 “I’ve been a mem­ber of the Face­book group since it started two years ago and ab­so­lutely love it. Through it I’ve met fel­low rid­ers also look­ing for an ex­cuse to get out and ride. It’s a great so­cial scene. You only need to put up a post and you can al­most guar­an­tee some­one will an­swer. Last year we planned a trip to Spain and af­ter putting up a post we had loads of great routes sug­gested and amaz­ing places to go and see. My other half, Su­san, is also a mem­ber so we at­tend loads of events to­gether.” ‘ It’s full of like­minded peo­ple’ Name Dee Scott Age 48 Bike BMW S1000R R5K miles cov­ered this year 6000 “I only joined R5K this year but am so glad I have. It’s full of like-minded peo­ple and you’re al­ways bounc­ing ideas around. There’s no trolling or ag­gra­va­tion, ei­ther. Where some fo­rums can be full of id­iots and brag­ging, #ride5000miles group is a friendly place that wel­comes any­one, young or old, male or fe­male. If you have a bike you’ll be wel­comed in with open arms.”

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