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Our man ad­mits he'd love to have a crack at a re­al­ity TV show

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See­ing bike nut Danny John Jules on Strictly Come Danc­ing has made me think about whether I'd ev­ery do a re­al­ity TV show. You can take the piss all you want, but one of my favourite TV pro­grammes is Danc­ing on Ice. I re­ally like it!

We think we've got it tough find­ing grip with the con­tact patch on a set of tyres but a pro­fes­sional skater has to work mar­vels with just a few mil­lime­tres of metal slid­ing along the ice. It's pretty spe­cial and very cool. That be­ing said, I’m not sure I’d win or any­thing. I think my leg would hold me back. I’d be more like Mr Blobby on Ice! Maybe that would make a good show.

Some­thing like I’m a Celeb would be al­right, if there was a few quid in it I’d eat a kan­ga­roo cock, no bother. I guess the prob­lem is with po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness these days I’d prob­a­bly say some­thing that would get me into trou­ble and es­corted off the premises.

I was su­per-shocked when Foggy went in as I didn’t think a bike racer would be a big enough draw. It was weird watch­ing him in it; he’s a bit mar­mite isn’t he? Some­times he can say the most stupid things and at other times he’s the hum­ble cham­pion he re­ally is. I wouldn’t have put a ten­ner on him win­ning it, though. There was no way a Lan­cashire lad who raced mo­tor­bikes was go­ing to win a mas­sive hit re­al­ity TV show was there?

If I went on it… would I do OK? I re­ally don’t know. It’d be in­ter­est­ing to see what re­ac­tion I got. I’d be my­self, whether peo­ple would en­joy that I don' t know. Would peo­ple be like who the hell is he?! It'd be fun to find out.


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