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“Even though I love rid­ing them, the power of a 1000cc sportsbike has al­ways in­tim­i­dated me, and I was hes­i­tant and timid when get­ting on the gas. In the first ses­sion, us­ing trac­tion con­trol on an in­tru­sive set­ting gave me the con­fi­dence to whack the throt­tle open and also al­lowed me to ex­pe­ri­ence what it felt like when it kicked in. Then by re­duc­ing the level step by step, I got the courage to open the throt­tle wider and wider. I’d then go look­ing to trig­ger the TC on wide, fast ex­its un­til I was no longer able to feel it work­ing. In the end I felt much more in tune with the rear tyre and could feel it slip­ping and squirm­ing as it got more worn. It’s amaz­ing how much shorter the straights be­came too!

“Weirdly, it ac­tu­ally feels eas­ier and safer rid­ing a 180bhp su­per­bike on track us­ing point-and-squirt V-lines than it does rid­ing my 45bhp 125GP race bike, which is all about go­ing into cor­ners as fast as pos­si­ble.”


Neeves says “By in­cre­men­tally work­ing our way down the trac­tion con­trol lev­els we found a sweet spot on Level 4 which gave Emma the con­fi­dence to open the throt­tle harder and wider without the sys­tem hold­ing her back. All of a sud­den we were go­ing at a re­ally good pace with a great rhythm.”

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