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Mo­ti­va­tional ex­perts sug­gest that no-one can ever be mo­ti­vated to do some­thing un­less they ac­tu­ally know for them­selves that they can do it, and feel in their hearts that they want to. In other words, you can only ever de­pend on your­self to give you the drive you need to get go­ing.

Your self-mo­ti­va­tion (or lack of it) will in­flu­ence your hap­pi­ness and suc­cess in ev­ery area of your life and so I am de­lighted to tell you that it is pos­si­ble to raise your game by us­ing a great tech­nique called pos­i­tive self-talk. By “talk­ing your­self up” (rather than down) you can change any neg­a­tive be­liefs and at­ti­tudes that might be stop­ping you mov­ing for­ward with con­fi­dence. Try re­peat­ing the fol­low­ing pos­i­tive, mo­ti­va­tional state­ments. ◆ I feel great and ready for any­thing. ◆ I am de­ter­mined and mo­ti­vated and noth­ing stops me. ◆ I am ready to try some­thing new and ex­cit­ing. ◆ I be­lieve in my­self and have all the con­fi­dence I need.

Don’t worry if you don’t be­lieve them to be en­tirely true for you at the mo­ment. Pos­i­tive af­fir­ma­tions work by con­tra­dict­ing and even­tu­ally re­plac­ing neg­a­tive self-talk. As you say these state­ments, just no­tice how your energy rises.

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