My Weekly Special - - Relaxing With The Stars -

“I have never had much trou­ble in re­lax­ing; rest­ing by the side of a pool or get­ting some beauty treat­ments, they all help. Hav­ing said that I like to visit fa­mous old build­ings which I find fas­ci­nat­ing. There is some­thing else which fas­ci­nates me and I can lose my­self in. I col­lect in­sects. They are not alive, I am afraid, but they are nev­er­the­less to­tally ab­sorb­ing and many of them are like jewels be­cause they are so el­e­gant and colour­ful. I never tire of look­ing at them and I am al­ways look­ing for more to add to my col­lec­tion.”

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