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Pork Parcels

In­gre­di­ents (Serves 1) ✦ 1tbsp+2tsp olive oil ✦ 110g piece pork

ten­der­loin ✦ 1 sheet filo pas­try ✦ 2 pieces bot­tled red pimiento pep­pers, well drained ✦ 25g low-fat gar­lic and

herb soft cheese ✦ Roasted cherry toma­toes and green beans, to serve

1 Pre­heat the oven to 200°C, Gas 6. Heat 1tbsp oil in a non-stick fry­ing pan, add the pork and fry over a high heat for 5min, turn­ing un­til evenly browned on all sides. Leave to cool. 2 Cut the sheet of filo in half, brush one half with oil and then place the other half at an an­gle over the first. Put one piece of pimiento in the cen­tre of the pas­try and then place the piece of pork on top. Top with soft cheese and add another piece of pimiento. Gather the pas­try up and over the pork stack and pinch to­gether to seal. Trans­fer to a bak­ing sheet. Brush the pork par­cel with a lit­tle ex­tra oil and then bake for 20-25min un­til the pas­try is golden and the pork is thor­oughly cooked. Serve with roasted cherry toma­toes and green beans, if liked.

226 calo­ries per serv­ing

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