What Is Mind­ful­ness?

My Weekly Special - - Mindfulness -

“Put sim­ply, it’s about learn­ing to pay at­ten­tion, rather than get caught up in an end­less loop of think­ing.” Says Ruby Wax.

It sounds easy enough, but as she ex­plains, it’s harder than it sounds.

“We’re told to pay at­ten­tion, es­pe­cially as chil­dren, but we have no in­struc­tions on how ex­actly to go about it.

“Mind­ful­ness is be­ing able to stand back and ob­serve your thoughts. As with any skill, you have to prac­tice.”

So what health ben­e­fits can mind­ful­ness give you? Ruby ex­plains that by low­er­ing lev­els of the stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol, mind­ful­ness has nu­mer­ous ben­e­fits.

“You prac­tice tak­ing your fo­cus to one of your senses; taste, sound, touch, what­ever. As soon as you fo­cus on that sense, stress hor­mones shut off, your heart beat slows and stead­ies, your blood pres­sure low­ers. Mind­ful­ness is about tak­ing over the wheel and be­ing the driver rather than the driven.”

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