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My Weekly Special - - The Complete Guide To Honey -

If you are look­ing for a strong­tast­ing honey, heather honey is ver y spe­cial stuf f. It is dark in colour with a smokey, flo­ral flavour and a long af­ter taste. One of the things that makes heather honey so unique are the meth­ods that bee­keep­ers use to get their tiny work­ers to the heather – which has a ver y shor t win­dow of nec­tar avail­abil­ity!

The bees are of­ten low­land bees and, around mid-Au­gust, they will be trans­por ted, along with their hives, to a wilder land­scape in or­der to catch the flow­ers on the hardy shrub. Be­fore too much of a chill sets in and when the bees have buzzed their way round the heather, the bee­keep­ers then move their pre­cious bees and hives back home.

This honey has strong an­tibac­te­rial and an­timi­cro­bial qual­i­ties and all Scot­tish peo­ple know that heather honey is just right for a wee hot toddy to treat a cold. You can use it to make gin­ger­bread, pour it over ice-cream and you’ll find it among the whisky, herbs and spices listed in the in­gre­di­ents of the liqueur Dram­buie.

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