Fol­low clin­i­cal hyp­nother­a­pist Stephen McMur­ray’s 10-step count­down to get­ting a bet­ter night’s sleep…

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Around 1 in 3 of us are strug­gling with our sleep, with many peo­ple de­vel­op­ing poor sleep­ing habits. It is im­por­tant to seek med­i­cal ad­vice if you are strug­gling to sleep, as it may be an in­di­ca­tion of an un­der­ly­ing prob­lem. There are sig­nif­i­cant health prob­lems as­so­ci­ated with reg­u­lar lack of sleep, in­clud­ing de­pres­sion, obe­sity, di­a­betes, high blood pres­sure, strokes and heart fail­ure. In our in­creas­ingly busy lives, it is use­ful to know what steps we can take to get into a good sleep pat­tern.

Sleep is nat­u­ral to ba­bies and young chil­dren. As we get older, all sorts of pres­sures af­fect our nat­u­ral sleep­ing pat­tern. “Hyp­no­sis” comes from the Greek god of sleep, Hyp­nos. It in­volves en­ter­ing a trance-like state of nar­rowed fo­cus and in­creased sug­gestibil­ity. Hyp­no­sis is ideal in help­ing peo­ple sleep bet­ter, as it re­laxes both the body and mind and can help cre­ate a healthy night-time rou­tine.

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