It’s epic film time and we damsels will al­ways fall for the dy­namic heroes as they bat­tle for sur vi­val – and why not?

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Ihad no idea how much Gla­di­a­tor would change my life,” said Rus­sell Crowe who has also been a hear t-throb as Robin Hood, Noah and count­less other heroes. “Ri­d­ley Scott did a fan­tas­tic job as di­rec­tor. When I watched it for the first time I thought, did I re­ally do that?

“I was 36 at the time and pretty fit. I tr y to keep fit as much as pos­si­ble.

“I think what amazed me, apar t from win­ning an Os­car, was that I spent most of my time in Gla­di­a­tor bruised, bat­tered and bleed­ing and at best cov­ered in sweaty grime. It wasn’t how I would ap­pear if I was tak­ing a lady to din­ner – and yet I had a big in­crease in fan mail. It makes you won­der why you bother wash­ing your hair!”

There is no doubt that Gla­di­a­tor was a mas­sive suc­cess and proved that the great epics of the big screen are still big box of­fice.

“I think par t of the ap­peal is that the hero must cap­ture the hear t of the lead­ing lady.

“Epics are in­cred­i­ble – ever ything is so huge and spec­tac­u­lar. If you are to be a hero in a movie like that you have to be a bit of an ac­tion man and that’s me of course – I like rid­ing mo­tor­bikes, driv­ing fast cars and play­ing rock mu­sic. It’s all par t of my im­age – ver y im­por tant!”

Rus­sell Crowe does not seem to be tak­ing him­self se­ri­ously.

“I do like all those things but I’m no su­per­hero,” he said. “I think if you have a tough im­age you are just invit­ing peo­ple to chal­lenge you. If you are your nor­mal self and peo­ple ex­pect a rough, tough char­ac­ter, you feel like you might dis­ap­point them. I like roles that chal­lenge me. For Master and Com­man­der I had to learn to play the vi­o­lin and I loved it. For epics you need to ride a horse – which I can – han­dle a sword – which I also can. And one vi­tal thing – if you are go­ing to play some­one like Gla­di­a­tor, you have to have the legs for it. Two cricket stumps out of a bat­tle tu­nic doesn’t quite work!”

You have to have the legs for it!

Rus­sell Crowe

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