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Ju­lia McGhie (46), 5ft5in lost 6 stone to weigh 10st 4lbs “Ap­proach­ing my 45th bir th­day I was des­per­ate to lose weight. I had tried ever y other diet be­fore I lost six stone in six months with Cam­bridge Diet Plan,” says Ju­lia, a pri­mar y teacher for 22 years.

“We had moved to a three-storey house and I strug­gled to climb two flights of stairs – I was also fed up search­ing for size 20 clothes.”

Ju­lia put on weight dur­ing her first preg­nancy 16 years ago. “I never lost that weight, un­til now when I’ve main­tained my weight loss for more than a year. Be­fore that if I lost a stone di­et­ing I’d gain 3 stone af­ter the diet.”

Now Ju­lia feels… “Bril­liant! I used to feel lethar­gic and sleepy and now I have lots more en­ergy.” She runs reg­u­larly and has com­pleted a half-marathon.

“My hus­band Alis­tair is in the Royal Navy and away a lot of the time. For more than a decade I didn’t eat dur­ing the day at school. I never used a plate. I would cook the chil­dren’s meals. I never sat and ate with them. When they were asleep I would binge-eat all evening.

“Meal re­place­ments on the Cam­bridge Diet Plan suited me bet­ter than cook­ing and weigh­ing food. Af­ter the first four days I didn’t feel hun­gry.”

One-to-one coun­selling was also key to her suc­cess.

“It sup­por ted me from the tough star t through to the stepped plan back to eat­ing three healthy meals a day. My con­sul­tant Dean even came out run­ning to get me started.

“Now I sit down to eat a healthy meal from a plate with my chil­dren. It’s won­der ful!”


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