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ARIES 21 mar - 19 apr

You have been hur t by some­one you have given a lot of time and at­ten­tion to. Wish them well and move on – the heal­ing may take time, but it will hap­pen. Colour: Lemon Num­ber: 3

GEM­INI 20 may - 21 jun

Gem­ini, you truly are in two minds about some­thing at the mo­ment – which way is the right way to go? It is time to lis­ten to your head and not your hear t.

Colour: Vi­o­let Num­ber: 10

LEO 23jul-22aug

A friend will need your help over the next shor t while, but all you will have to do is lis­ten. En­cour­age them to see that they al­ready have all the an­swers they seek. Colour: Jade Num­ber: 21

LI­BRA 23 sep - 19 oct

It’s OK to take time out to have fun now and again. A shor t time away from your rou­tine will in­vig­o­rate you and freshen your ap­proach. Colour: Sage Num­ber: 8

SAGIT­TAR­IUS 23 nov - 19 dec

Al­low your­self the trip down memor y lane that you are crav­ing. Rec­on­cil­ing the past of a mat­ter will help you move for ward into peace and har­mony. Colour: Red Num­ber: 2

AQUAR­IUS 20 jan - 18 feb

A fam­ily mem­ber has over­stepped the mark – and not for the first time. It may be hard to strug­gle through it, but hang on in there. Things will get bet­ter. Colour: Char­coal Num­ber: 4

TAU­RUS 20 apr - 20 may

It is time to shake your­self out of the iner tia you’ve been feel­ing and star t mov­ing around again. It will be dif­fi­cult at first, but you will en­joy the chal­lenge. Colour: Pink Num­ber: 5

CAN­CER 21 jun - 22 jul

Get your fi­nances or­gan­ised this month and a lot of the worry you’ve been feel­ing will dis­ap­pear. Bur ying your head in the sand is not go­ing to help!

Colour: Orange Num­ber: 17

VIRGO 23 aug - 22 sept

Just be­cause some­one asks you to do some­thing, it doesn’t mean you have to drop ever ything to do it. Be oblig­ing but not a door­mat – and stick to your guns! Colour: Rus­set Num­ber: 14

SCOR­PIO 23 oct - 21 nov

Avoid­ing things you don’t like do­ing could lead to frus­tra­tion. Take a deep breath and dive in – things will work out bet­ter. Colour: Teal Num­ber: 6

CAPRI­CORN 22 dec - 19 jan

If a task has you run­ning round in cir­cles, leave it alone for a while. You will have a fresh ap­proach when you re­turn to it. Take care to avoid the lure of a bar­gain! Colour: Pur­ple Num­ber: 9

PISCES 19 feb - 20 mar

There is an un­ex­pected in­vi­ta­tion on the way. Make time for it and en­joy the new ex­pe­ri­ences it brings. There is also the chance of a wel­come new en­counter! Colour: Nut­meg Num­ber: 8

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