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Dam­son Jam Tip

When mak­ing dam­son jam, a quick and easy way to re­move the stones which come to the top when boil­ing, is to use old sugar tongs.

Mrs M. Cameron, Perth

Thick­ens Jam

If jam will not set, sprin­kle a lit­tle seed tapi­oca or sago into it and boil up again for a lit­tle while. The tapi­oca or sago will be quite in­vis­i­ble and the jam quite firm. I al­low 1 tea­spoon­ful to ever y pound of jam.

Mrs V. M. Cor­mack, Glas­gow

Ba­nana Mar­malade

Take 10 firm bananas, 1lb sugar, and juice of three lemons. Slice bananas finely. Place all in­gre­di­ents in pan and boil gen­tly for about half an hour or un­til the mix­ture is the con­sis­tency of jam. Stir con­stantly to avoid burn­ing. This makes a good fill­ing for cakes or sand­wiches.

Mrs A. Liv­ing­stone, He­lens­burgh


Put a tea­spoon­ful of mus­tard into a small muslin bag and pop into the jar con­tain­ing pick­led beet­root. It keeps the pickle fresh longer.

Mrs Whitelaw, Glas­gow

Easy-Made Chutney

Keep the vine­gar left over from pick­led onions and fill up the jar with stoned and chopped dates. Leave for week, then stir well, and you’ve made a de­li­cious, sweet chutney.

Mrs R. David­son, Tur­riff

aJam Tip

Straw­berr yj am made this way re­tains its full fruit flavour af­ter keep­ing a whole year. Cover 6lb straw­ber­ries with 5lb sugar and leave overnight. Put in the preser ving pan with two tea­spoon­fuls tar taric acid and bring to boil. Af­ter ten min­utes fast boil­ing, set the pan in cold wa­ter and keep stir­ring the jam till slightly cool, then pot.

Mrs D. Brown,


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