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My chil­dren think I live in the dark ages where tech­nol­ogy is con­cerned. But even I man­aged to down­load the new “Ac­tive 10” app on my mo­bile phone. It’s free from Google Play, Ap­ple or through the Ac­tive 10 pages of Pub­lic Health Eng­land’s One You web­site. It’s a great fun way to find out if your daily walk is brisk enough to give you just 10 min­utes of aer­o­bic ex­er­cise – enough to help your heart.


It’s bad enough hav­ing long term tummy pain, di­ar­rhoea, weight loss and some­times worse. But imag­ine if you dreaded trav­el­ling be­cause you had to worry about toi­let fa­cil­i­ties too. That’s the case for 70% of folks with dis­eases like Ul­cer­a­tive Coli­tis and Crohn’s. Go to CROHNSANDCOLITIS.ORG.UK and sup­port their cam­paign for bet­ter sig­nage in air­ports, rail sta­tions and ser­vice sta­tions.


You might think gum dis­ease would be bad for your teeth – but new re­search shows they’re linked to a 14% in­crease in the risk of can­cer among women past the menopause. We’ve long known poor gum health is linked to di­a­betes and heart dis­ease – now there’s even more rea­son to be alert for sore red gums and bleed­ing on tooth-brush­ing. See your den­tist reg­u­larly!

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