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My Weekly - - Contents - By Paul Brice, Sports Sci­en­tist and Clin­i­cal Ex­er­cise Spe­cial­ist

QI strug­gle to get a breath with my COPD. Is there any­thing I could do that would help?

AI have found that 99% of my COPD pa­tients slump their head and shoul­ders for wards, col­laps­ing the ribcage down­wards onto the ab­domen. This pre­vents the di­aphragm from draw­ing air

into the lungs as it should, so the pa­tient has to suck air in ac­tively us­ing the neck mus­cles, some­thing which is un­nat­u­ral, stress­ful and ex­haust­ing. I show my pa­tients how much bet­ter their breath­ing is when they sit or stand with their ribcage and their lungs ex­panded. I get pa­tients to draw their head and shoul­ders back and use a se­ries of ex­er­cises and breath­ing tech­niques called the Brice Method. This treat­ment plan is ex­plained in my book COPD: In­no­va­tive Breath­ing Tech­niques by Paul Brice, £15.99 from WWW.HAMMERSMITH BOOKS.CO.UK or £5.99 as an Ebook from Ama­zon.

Could bet­ter pos­ture help?

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