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● The world’s full of acronyms. And, of course, old peo­ple can use them, as well! Like LMDO – laugh­ing my den­tures out. BTW – bring the wheel­chair. My favourite though is ROFLACGU – rolling on floor laugh­ing and can’t get up!

● My view is you only live once – YOLO! So you need to get on with it as one day you will die. And I use the word “die” – I can’t bear the way peo­ple who say “pass”. Euphemisms! I say, “if they are pass­ing, they can pop in!” Dead. It forces you to make the most of life!

● Yex is my favourite word! It means and sounds like a hic­cup. Bril­liant Scrab­ble word, too – eight points! I’m also quite keen on lunkhead, which is a stupid per­son. Some words, w though, don’t d live up to their t prom­ise. Xerotic X sounds ex­cit­ing e and sexy, s but I’m afraid a xerotic is i the ab­nor­mal a dry­ness d of bod­ily b tis­sue.

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