Girls gone homi­ci­dal

Broad City stars bring their unique sur­real hu­mour to this darkly funny buddy com­edy


Rough Night

15 Scar­lett Jo­hans­son, Ilana Glazer, Kate Mckin­non, Zoë Kravitz ★★★★ fire­brand, while the movie was cre­ated by Lu­cia aniello (re­cur­ring di­rec­tor on the Us pro­gramme) and Paul Downs (the show’s overzeal­ous gym trainer Trey).

Like the hit se­ries, rough Night suc­ceeds at be­ing out of the or­di­nary. Yes, there are scenes in the club, sex­ual in­nu­endo aplenty and heart­warm­ing mo­ments of true friend­ship and bond­ing, but it also throws more plot­line curve­balls than any other bach­e­lorette-themed fe­male buddy movie go­ing.

Jess (scar­lett Jo­hans­son) is an up­tight politi­cian run­ning for of­fice while also try­ing to pre­pare for her wed­ding day. If that wasn’t stress­ful enough, she’s head­ing off to Mi­ami to cel­e­brate her last days as a sin­gle woman with her chaotic old col­lege room­mates (Glazer, Jil­lian bell and Zoë Kravitz) and Pippa (the lung-burst­ingly funny Kate Mckin­non), her best friend from a year abroad in aus­tralia.

What starts off as a week­end of fun soon de­scends into one of bick­er­ing, b***hi­ness and – when an ap­par­ent strip­per turns up at their plush beach rental – a bit of ac­ci­den­tal mur­der. The en­su­ing cover-up is where the film re­ally comes into its own. When a phone call with Jess’s fi­ancé Peter (Downs) is abruptly ended so he doesn’t catch on that some­thing’s not right, he leaves his own, far more civilised party to drive through the night, en­coun­ter­ing a se­ries of hi­lar­i­ous ob­sta­cles along the way.

The women’s at­tempts to From left: blair (Zoë Kravitz), alice (Jil­lian bell), Jess (scar­lett Jo­hans­son), Frankie (Ilana Glazer) and Pippa (Kate Mckin­non)

Thelma & louise (1991)

su­san saran­don and Geena Davis go on a crime spree in this fem­i­nist road movie clas­sic. dis­pose of the body, mean­while, land them in sit­u­a­tions that are both far­ci­cal and grip­ping, caus­ing the char­ac­ters’ flaws to pierce through the ve­neer of wacky jokes with alarm­ing pace. It’s this that makes you root for them – even bell’s jeal­ous and inse­cure alice – and, ul­ti­mately, what makes each minute in­creas­ingly watch­able. rough Night is comedic car­nage that will leave you in hys­ter­ics and, quite pos­si­bly, with a new fear of hen dos. Rhian Daly

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