Liam Gal­lagher on his best and worst hair­cuts

He’s had some “ab­so­lute f**king cork­ers”


Maine road Glas­ton­bury

1994 “Mega. That is the one. That’s the one [Liam’s son] Gene likes. He’s like, ‘That’s when you looked the f**king best, man’. Price­less.”


“Magic. I went back­stage and there was some player’s f**king Um­bro gear just sit­ting there and I thought, ‘I’m hav­ing a bit of that’, tried it on, f**king free­bie in­nit, and I f**king pinched it and f**king wore it. Our kid should have put the ref’s gear on, shouldn’t he, and we could’ve all sung ‘Who’s that b ***** d in the black’.”

in the street

1997 “Without a doubt 10 outta 10, mate. That’s proper gear, mate, proper. I was peak at that time. I’d just given it to a f**king photographer there as well.”

Q awards


“I’m hav­ing that all day, that’s peak. I dyed the tips ’cos Keith Richards used to do it years ago when he was on smack and I thought, ‘F**k it, it will give me an edge’.”

wem­b­ley sta­dium

2000 “I’m lov­ing that. Bit of an Ian Brown vibe. Yeah, go­ing to do a gig, man, af­ter you’ve just got di­vorced [from Patsy Ken­sit]. No mat­ter what, even if you work at Pret A Manger, you’d still kick off, wouldn’t you. You’d be like that: ‘Here’s your chicken salad, you c**t.’”

nme awards


“Yeah, that’s peak. 10 out of 10. I look cool there, mate. I’m lov­ing it. That was when Peter Kay slagged off my jacket. He went, ‘F**king mum’s jacket down the bingo.’ At least I can get in my mum’s jacket, ya fat f**ker.”

John squire art ex­hi­bi­tion open­ing

2007 “Not hav­ing that one. I was meant to be go­ing into my Ge­orge Har­ri­son mode but didn’t pull it off. I look like my f**king cousin Sharon there. Al­right Shazza.”

out for din­ner

2009 “That’s my f**king Ital­ian ul­tra ‘who fuck­ing wants it’ hair­cut. Not too keen on it. But yeah, they [side­burns] are bad boys. My pso­ri­a­sis was giv­ing me havoc in them days. I get all these white flaky bits on my head.”

the f word


“Bar­ber got that one wrong. That was meant to be a Ra­mones-type thing, but it was a bit too Dou­gal from The Magic Round­about.”

Liam plays Leeds Fes­ti­val on Au­gust 25, and Read­ing Fes­ti­val on Au­gust 27

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