Tay­lor sheds her skin

Hard-edged new track ‘look What you Made Me Do’ takes pot­shots at haters, but is it kanye, David Mueller or some­one else who’ll “all get yours”?


“I’m sorry, the old tay­lor can’t come to the phone right now…”

“oh, ’cos she’s dead.”

We only hear tay­lor’s side of this phone call at the end of new sin­gle ‘look What you made me do’, but we hear all we need to. In short: no more mrs Nice Gal.

ear­lier this week, swift deleted all the pic­tures on her In­sta­gram ac­count and re­placed them with glitchy videos of what ap­peared to be a rep­tile. the third con­firmed we were look­ing at a snake, which is sig­nif­i­cant – the snake emoji is the short­hand for tay­lor on so­cial me­dia, the im­pli­ca­tion be­ing she’s serv­ing an agenda, a snake in the grass. ‘lwymmd’ is tay­lor re­claim­ing the snake, its lyrics de­fi­ant, its sound bul­let­proof.

the track is a co-write with Jack Antonoff, the Bleach­ers singer and co-au­thor of swift’s ‘out of the Woods’ and lorde’s ‘melo­drama’. the sound is hard-edged pop

– like her smash ‘1989’ al­bum – but darker and more elec­tronic. Where ‘1989’’s songs built up to a mas­sive cho­rus, ‘look What you made me do’ takes it to a huge drop and the propul­sive mantra of the ti­tle. It’s a song that flips the perky ‘1989’ on its head. Where ‘Blank space’ spoke of “a long list of ex-lovers”, the new sin­gle has a more omi­nous “list of names and

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