Fresh­ers’ Week ad­vice from pop stars

It’ll be the best of times, it’ll be the worst of times. Here’s how to get through it


“Re­main mys­te­ri­ous”


Gus Unger-hamil­ton: “It sounds kind of neg­a­tive, but don’t nec­es­sar­ily think the peo­ple you meet in your first week are gonna be your best friends for the rest of uni. Some­times they are, some­times they’re not. Keep your op­tions open; re­main mys­te­ri­ous. Don’t tell peo­ple your sur­name. I wish I’d joined more so­ci­eties too.” Joe New­man: “The first year of univer­sity is gonna blow your mind. You’re away from home for the first time. You’re meet­ing a whole po­ten­tial new set of friends; you can do what you like. You’re around peo­ple whose minds are ready to de­velop – it’s a re­ally, re­ally amaz­ing time. Do as much as you can and you won’t re­gret any­thing.” “Feed your brain”

Kate tem­pest

“If there’s a cul­ture where every­one’s too cool and they just wanna talk about their hang­over and their hair­cut, but you’re ac­tu­ally in­ter­ested in what you’re try­ing to learn, don’t let that in­tim­i­date you. If you have a pas­sion for a sub­ject, it’s for you. It’s a time un­like any other, where you’ve got ac­cess to this crazy li­brary full of stuff. You can sud­denly spend three years just feed­ing your brain. So don’t al­low your­self to get thrown off path by a load of fash­ion­istas. You’ve shelled out a hell of a lot of money to be there. Just do you.” “No time for sleep”

J hus

“Chase your dream. Keep go­ing. No time for any sleep. Reach your goals. Don’t stop.” “Eat veg­eta­bles”

the BIG Moon

Fern Ford: “Drink lots of wa­ter in be­tween the £1 a pint.” Soph Nathan: “Don’t just eat noo­dles. Veg­eta­bles are im­por­tant.”

Celia Archer: “You’re gonna meet some re­ally great peo­ple and it’s gonna be awe­some. Don’t panic, it’s to­tally fine.”

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