Are you a screen queen?

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If your job is desk-based the chances are you spend a min­i­mum of eight hours in front of a screen. Whilst ev­ery­one knows that star­ing at a screen all day isn’t great for your eyes, be­ing desk-bound can also flat­ten and weaken the mus­cles in your bot­tom! If you’re sit­ting in a slumped po­si­tion at your desk, or your work space isn’t set up prop­erly for your body’s di­men­sions you will be more likely to de­velop prob­lems.


Sit­ting down for long pe­ri­ods of time puts more pres­sure on your back than walk­ing or stand­ing. Take a look at how you’re sit­ting: your screen should be eye-level, your thighs should be at 90 de­gree an­gle to the ground and both feet should be flat on the floor. For a more com­pre­hen­sive guide on how to setup your desk space see the Health & Safety Ex­ec­u­tive web­site.

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