You sleep on your stom­ach

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Ly­ing on your stom­ach can in­crease the strain on your spine, whilst sleep­ing on an overly soft, bumpy, un­even or hard mat­tress can also lead to prob­lems.


Try and sleep on your back, this is the best pos­si­ble sleep po­si­tion as your weight is dis­trib­uted evenly over your joints. If you need to sleep on your side, try and al­ter­nate each night and place a pil­low in be­tween your knees to keep your spine aligned. Try the mat­tress test to make sure you’ve got the right sup­port: lie on your back and put your hand un­der­neath the small of your back. If you can slide it in easily, then your mat­tress may be too hard. If you can’t get your hand in then your mat­tress may be too soft. If you can just about slide your hand un­der, it’s just right!

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