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Many of us ex­er­cise to change our body shape, but keep­ing fit is also im­por­tant to help strengthen the mus­cles that sup­port the spine.


Think of your body like a tree trunk, if the trunk is weak, the tree will sway in the wind. Your core is like a bar­rel of mus­cles which sup­port your spine from the front (tummy), back (but­tocks) and un­der­neath (pelvic floor). The best core ex­er­cises work all these mus­cles to­gether which is why ex­er­cise such as Pi­lates is so ef­fec­tive. Kirsten Lord, Chair­lady of The Physio Cen­tres, said ‘If the gym’s not your thing then house­work can be a great way to keep fit, but re­mem­ber to make sure you stay up­right when you vac­uum or mop. Walk­ing is also a great way to keep your mus­cles toned.’

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