Q. What is your waist mea­sure­ment?

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A) 35 inches or above B) 30.5 - 34.5 inches C) 30 inches or un­der

Your waist mea­sure­ment is a good gauge of your obe­sity level. If you se­lected the first an­swer obe­sity ex­perts say you could be at risk of health prob­lems. The NHS says the best way to check your obe­sity level is by mea­sur­ing your body mass in­dex (BMI). Hav­ing a BMI of 30-35 can shave three years off life ex­pectancy, while a BMI of 40-50 means you are at greater risk of heart dis­ease and stroke, which in turn can shorten the life­span by 10 years. But don’t fret, you can re­duce your BMI. Try the online NHS cal­cu­la­tor to work out your BMI and for tips to re­duce it. Log on to NHS.UK for more in­for­ma­tion.

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