I’ve lost a lot of weight but I still eat out two or three times a week...

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You’ve been very open about your weight loss. What’s your top weight loss tip?

My top tip would be to cut down the booze and in­crease the amount of ex­er­cise you’re do­ing. I now go to the gym six times a week and I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to. Those two things com­bined have made a huge dif­fer­ence for me.

How of­ten do you eat out at restau­rants?

I used to go out for din­ner up to five times a week and now it’s about two or three. Do you know what my ex-wife liked mak­ing for din­ner? A reser­va­tion!

Do you think it’s pos­si­ble to keep up a healthy eat­ing regime if you’re eat­ing out at restau­rants?

I would ac­tu­ally say it’s eas­ier to eat healthily in restau­rants in some re­spects. Restau­rants tend to have so many healthy food op­tions on the menu, you’ll never strug­gle for choice, in fact, you’ll prob­a­bly feel a bit inspired in­stead! The only thing you have to be very care­ful of is hid­den in­gre­di­ents, like but­ter on your veg­eta­bles or such like. Some peo­ple look at eat­ing in restau­rants as a treat, but ac­tu­ally I just eat out be­cause I’m hun­gry. I’m lucky as I’ve lost a lot of weight and I still en­joy eat­ing out a lot.

What are your top tips for healthy cook­ing?

I cook a lot at home now. I would say the best way to cook healthily is to cut down the fat, it can be re­ally hard to do, but you just have to cut it down com­pletely. There’s ab­so­lutely no mir­a­cle when it comes to los­ing weight – you just have to make the de­ci­sion to live a health­ier life. I don’t think you can just change your lifestyle dra­mat­i­cally, but you can do it grad­u­ally and teach your­self to en­joy new meals, foods and flavours. If you find a healthy meal you en­joy, try not to eat it all the time or you’ll be­come a bit bored of it.

What is the best cook­ing ad­vice you can of­fer some­one?

It might sound a bit cliché, but I would rec­om­mend get­ting a de­cent cook­book and just work­ing your way through it and en­joy­ing your­self. Try not to view cook­ing as a chore! In­stead, get in the kitchen, pour a glass of wine, play some mu­sic and just en­joy learn­ing new recipes. Cook­ing should be an en­joy­able task for ev­ery­one.

What is your guilty food plea­sure?

My ab­so­lute guilty plea­sure is An­gel De­light – I bet peo­ple think that’s a weird choice, but it’s re­ally not! It’s hon­estly so good.

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