Just be­cause I host Masterchef doesn’t mean that I am a food snob...

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Aside from Masterchef – what’s the best meal you’ve ever had and where was it?

My grand­mother’s roast lamb was my all time favourite meal and I know that my lit­tle brother would say the ex­act same thing. Her roast pota­toes were so crispy that the out­side would al­most come off. She used to have mint grow­ing in a dis­used sink and as a child I would make the mint sauce for her.

Host­ing Masterchef means you must be used to fine din­ing, would you class your­self as a bit of a food snob?

I’m most cer­tainly not a food snob in any shape or form! I would prob­a­bly say I’m any­thing but a food snob. In all hon­estly I re­ally like a Big Mac from Mcdon­ald’s, I also love a good Chi­nese take­away and I regularly eat in Har­vester. I also like to dip fish fin­gers in ketchup.

So you don’t mind eat­ing at high street food chains, what’s favourite?

I have a few favourite chain restau­rants ac­tu­ally. But, I par­tic­u­larly like Har­vester a lot be­cause you can park lit­er­ally out­side the door. Plus, they roast whole chick­ens and they have a salad bar so there are lots of healthy op­tions too. The big­ger Tesco stores have started serv­ing a carvery and I can hon­estly say that it’s de­li­cious.

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