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Ca­rina, 42, orig­i­nally from the Isle of Lewis, found the man of her dreams on an app

Imet my part­ner in 2008, I had been trav­el­ling in Aus­tralia and be­fore I’d left, my friends had been ha­rass­ing me to get on so­cial media. I kept say­ing, “Look, if peo­ple want to get know me they can just come and speak to me”. I had no de­sire to put all my de­tails onto a net­work­ing site. When I re­turned from Aus­tralia, I don’t know what made me do it, but I fi­nally de­cided to make a Face­book ac­count. On the site there was an ap­pli­ca­tion called ‘Are You In­ter­ested?’ I al­ways joke that it should have been called, ‘Are You Des­per­ate?’. Peo­ple upload their pic­ture, name and age, and then you can click to let them whether you are in­ter­ested or not. I had pre­vi­ously had such a rough run of luck with men and thought I might as well give it a try – I wasn’t pin­ning all my hopes on find­ing some­one.

My first an­swer was no... I was look­ing through all the dif­fer­ent pic­tures of peo­ple on the app and my (now) part­ner Alan’s pic­ture came up, be­lieve it or not I replied say­ing no, I wasn’t in­ter­ested. His pic­ture kept com­ing up and for some rea­son it was al­ways catch­ing my eye, so even­tu­ally I clicked yes. We then be­came friends on Face­book so were able to see a bit more about each other. I dis­cov­ered we had a lot in com­mon; we had both been to Aus­tralia, both liked football, we ac­tu­ally sup­ported the same team. We started pri­vate mes­sag­ing each other. One night I was back home on the Isle of Lewis and I think I must have had too many wines be­cause, when I re­alised I had a mes­sage from Alan, I just took the bull by the horns and asked if he wanted to meet up in Glas­gow. It felt like we were go­ing on a com­plete blind date, we might have known what each other looked like but we didn’t prop­erly know each other.

Anx­ious about meet­ing him... I was wor­ried that Alan was go­ing to turn out to be some­thing other than what he had made him­self out to be. You’re just go­ing by a pic­ture on some­one’s pro­file and a lit­tle bit of chat, so you have to be bold, but you also have to be care­ful. Prior to the date I had asked my friend to call me an hour and a half into the date in case I needed res­cued, but when my friend called I was hav­ing such a good time I didn’t need res­cued! It didn’t take me a long time to fall for Alan, I knew within a cou­ple of weeks that he was the one. There was just some­thing about his pic­ture that drew me to him. Although I clicked no the first time, I thought he was a gor­geous and was just con­vinced that there had to be a catch. I kept ask­ing him if there was some­thing he wasn’t telling me – I was wor­ried I was go­ing to turn up and he was only 3ft 2in or some­thing like that! Af­ter be­ing to­gether for around three years, Alan and I got mar­ried in July 2011 and I can safely say it was an ab­so­lutely great day. Our wed­ding was very re­laxed and a lot of fun – at one point I had kicked my heels off and danc­ing to YMCA! I’ve al­ways thought that you can tell the mea­sure of a man by how he acts around chil­dren and an­i­mals. Alan is great with both, which says a lot. He is such a thought­ful and ro­man­tic per­son; he truly does make me happy.

Ca­rina with her hus­band, Alan

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