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7am – Wake Up With Wa­ter

Drink­ing 500ml of ice-cold wa­ter as soon as you wake up can boost your me­tab­o­lism by up to 24 per cent.

7.30am – Get Those Mus­cles Work­ing

Stud­ies have shown that ex­er­cis­ing be­fore you eat break­fast can force your body to burn ex­ist­ing fat, rather than the food you’ve just eaten. If you don’t have time for the gym be­fore work, try some sim­ple ex­er­cises at home (try jog­ging on the spot or some of the ex­er­cises listed).

8.30am – Fuel For The Day

Try fill­ing your first meal of the day with high-pro­tein foods, as these will help you feel fuller for longer. Egg whites, av­o­cado and smoked salmon are all great sources of pro­tein.

12.30pm – Go Large For Lunch

No, we don’t mean a large meal from Mcdon­ald’s. A re­cent study shows that peo­ple who ate the ma­jor­ity of their daily calo­ries be­fore 3pm lost more weight than those who ate their main meal af­ter this time.

3pm – Time For Tea

Green tea, that is. A study in the Amer­i­can Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Nutri­tion found that green tea ex­tract in­creases me­tab­o­lism by four per cent over a 24-hour pe­riod.

6pm – Din­ner O’clock

Aim to have a light din­ner be­fore 7pm as this al­lows your body a 14-hour break to reg­u­late your sys­tem be­fore wak­ing up and eat­ing again.

7.30pm – Walk It Off

Some light car­dio ex­er­cise af­ter an evening meal can help to pre­vent your body from stor­ing fat. Why not even take your part­ner, a friend, or kids with you on your walk and use it as a time to catch up on each oth­ers’ day?

9pm – Say No To Snacks Late night snack­ing can cause you to overindulge and undo your healthy day­time ef­forts. Try not to eat at this time un­less you are truly hun­gry. 11pm – Recharge Your Bat­ter­ies

NHS.UK say that most adults need be­tween six and nine hours of sleep per night. This will also help to reg­u­late cor­ti­sol lev­els, which will stop your body from re­sist­ing weight loss.

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