Top 5 Me­tab­o­lism Boost­ing Foods

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There is no mir­a­cle way to burn ex­cess body fat, how­ever, com­bin­ing these foods with a good ex­er­cise regime and a healthy diet should help you to shed some un­wanted pounds all over your body.


Spices like chilli are thought to boost your me­tab­o­lism by up to 50 per cent for up to three hours af­ter eat­ing as it in­creases your heart rate. How­ever, don’t make the mis­take of think­ing this calls for an In­dian take­away ev­ery night of the week, in­stead opt for adding fresh chilli or flakes to your meals.


The oils within gar­lic en­cour­age peri­stal­sis, which loosens the fat within your body and helps to flush it out. Also, gar­lic can raise your body tem­per­a­ture, which can help to stim­u­late your body’s abil­ity to burn fat. If your tem­per­a­ture be­gins to drop, your body will re­spond by stor­ing fat in or­der to raise it. Pre­vi­ous stud­ies have shown that ginger can help to burn calo­ries by sup­port­ing di­ges­tion and stim­u­lat­ing your me­tab­o­lism. Ginger is known as a va­sodila­tor, mean­ing it works to in­crease the di­am­e­ter of ar­ter­ies and im­prove blood cir­cu­la­tion. In­creased blood flow can lead to an in­crease in body tem­per­a­ture, which pro­motes me­tab­o­lism and burns calo­ries – this is called the ther­mo­genic ef­fect.


An in­crease in blood sugar lev­els can cause your body to store fat, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to lose weight. Cin­na­mon helps to con­trol in­sulin, which is the chem­i­cal that works to reg­u­late your blood sugar lev­els. Vi­ta­min B is cru­cial for turn­ing fats, carbs and pro­teins into energy, and spinach is high in this vi­tal vi­ta­min. Spinach is also great for mus­cle func­tion, as it can help your mus­cles to re­cover faster. This can re­sult in a faster me­tab­o­lism as more mus­cle mass en­cour­ages you to burn calo­ries, even while you’re asleep.

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