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Why was it a no-go? A few decades ago, there were var­i­ous cam­paigns which de­monised but­ter and her­alded mar­garine as the ul­ti­mate healthy spread. It was ar­gued that be­cause but­ter is so full of un­healthy fats that it can lead to high choles­terol and heart dis­ease. Why they were wrong: But­ter has been con­sumed by hu­mans for thou­sands of years, and it’s since been proven that claims that sat­u­rated fat was bad for us was based on bad sci­ence, and ac­tu­ally pure but­ter is bet­ter for us than mar­garine. Marg is a syn­thetic sub­stance that is grey in colour – the yel­low colour­ing is added after­ward in an at­tempt to make it a bit more ap­petis­ing and look more like but­ter. Marg has also been found to con­tain trans fats which, un­like sat­u­rated fats, have ac­tu­ally been proven to in­crease the risk of heart at­tacks. On the flip-side, but­ter from grass-fed cows con­tains Vi­ta­min K2, Omega-3 and CLA (a fatty acid that has been shown to con­tain anti-can­cer prop­er­ties) and has ac­tu­ally been linked to lower lev­els of obe­sity than mar­garine in some stud­ies.

FACT: It takes over 21 pints of milk to make just one pound of but­ter!

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