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Why were they a no-go? When the low-carb craze hit, the hum­ble white potato was slapped with a big red X as it was claimed they are de­void of nu­tri­tional value and are su­per fat­ten­ing. Why they were wrong: One av­er­age-sized baked potato only con­tains around 160 calo­ries mak­ing a baked potato a de­cid­edly low-calo­rie lunch op­tion! Pota­toes con­tain lots of fi­bre to help keep you full as well as a va­ri­ety of vi­ta­mins in­clud­ing vi­ta­min B and fo­late, and are said to help lower blood pres­sure. Make sure you keep the nu­tri­ent rich skin on your pota­toes when eat­ing them to get the most out of your potato!

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