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Why was it a no-go? For years peanut but­ter was seen as some­thing that was just for kids’ sand­wiches and was too fat­ten­ing for health con­scious adults to in­clude in their diet. Why they were wrong: Whilst it is true that peanut but­ter is chock full of calo­ries and is high in fat, in the right doses (around a ta­ble­spoon or two a day) the health ben­e­fits out­weigh the risk to your waist­line. Peanut but­ter is a source of healthy pro­tein which is im­por­tant for help­ing to re­pair mus­cles. It also con­tains potas­sium, healthy fats, fi­bre and vi­ta­min E. So feel free to add some peanut but­ter to your toast in the morn­ing to keep you feel­ing full un­til lunchtime. Or have a cut up ap­ple with two ta­ble­spoons of peanut but­ter as a su­per healthy mid-af­ter­noon snack.

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