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Why were they a no-go? Just a few years ago, fresh fruit and veg was seen as your best op­tion as they’d have the most nu­tri­tional con­tent and be de­void of preser­va­tives. Why they were wrong: It’s now been proven that more of­ten than not, frozen fruit and veg­eta­bles have man­aged to re­tain more of the good stuff than the items you find in the ‘fresh’ pro­duce aisle of the su­per­mar­ket. This is be­cause a lot of the items in the fresh sec­tion are a num­ber of days old and has been trans­ported thou­sands of miles, mean­ing the re­al­ity is, it’s no longer all that ‘fresh’. How­ever, the items in the freezer sec­tion of the su­per­mar­ket are likely to have been frozen within hours of be­ing picked, so all of the nu­tri­ents and good­ness are still in­tact. How­ever, it’s still best to stay away from tinned fruit and veg as th­ese of­ten do con­tain preser­va­tives to lengthen the life-span of the item be­fore it rots.

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