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Why was it a no-go? Back in the day, if you were look­ing to main­tain a trim waist­line, cut­ting back on calo­ries was the ob­vi­ous way to go. And an easy way to lower your daily in­take of calo­ries was to use semi-skimmed milk in your tea and ce­real – that way you’d get the high cal­cium con­tent with­out the high level of calo­ries. Why they were wrong: The fat in whole milk is what raises the calo­rie count, but we now know that not only is fat no longer the en­emy, it can ac­tu­ally be good for you. Whole milk con­tains more fat­sol­u­ble vi­ta­mins such as vi­ta­min E and A than semi-skimmed. So by mak­ing the low-calo­rie switch, you are ac­tu­ally miss­ing out on all the good­ness whole milk has to of­fer.

FACT: Milk is ac­tu­ally made up of 85-95% wa­ter!

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